I went from 40 to almost 200 in the past 3 years. Advnture Newsletter. The Orfe is definitely better kept in larger ponds, 800 gallons+. Consult a physician. Oxygen is naturally lower in warmer water, so without aeration from a pump/filter, these big fish likely would have struggled during the hottest months. 1 grass carp 1 albino grass carp. If there is low oxygen, too many pollutants such as nitrates, ammonium, or fertilizers, orfes become much more susceptible to parasites, bacterial infections, and fungal infections that could potentially kill them. I am at a loss to explain this. danielle Z. Lv 7. I have 7 blue Orfe. Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long). The Golden Orfe is used to living in fast-moving rivers. The Golden Orfe is a special pond fish with a streamlined body that has swift movement in the water garden pool and in fact is considered the "fastest" fish in the water garden pool. Golden orfe are technically the same species as ide, but the ornamental version. There is no separate official record for ide. They do like a lot of oxygen so a pond or water garden with a waterfall would be well suited for keeping them. Golden / Blue Orfe. The Golden Orfe, Leuciscus idus, has been in the United States for over 100 years now, originally introduced to stock estate and farm ponds. Orfe, Leucisus idus. In the summer, golden orfe can die since warm water uses up dissolved oxygen more quickly than cool water. First of all, the lifespan of the Golden Orfe averages 20 to 30 years, so yours is getting up there in age. Then I could clearly see eggs floating around the tank. It sounds like it could be a problem with the swim bladder, which may be age-related, but more likely an infection of some kind. Should not be kept in smaller ponds or where there is … Hello Bharat. Cheers. 9,995 9. I have a golden orfe which has been lying on it's side for a week. Lol. Gold Orfe, Ide (Leuciscus idus). And the Golden Orfe has no problems with that. They require good oxygen levels. What is the life expectancy of orfe and shubunkins? Wonderful fish, just a pity they are too fast to catch and are rapidly maxing out the pond. Orfe are sensitive to medications containing copper, so be sure to check with the treatment manufacturer before adding medications to the pond. This means they require an environment that is clean with the right amount of oxygen for them to survive. My dad has fish in ponds and tanks all over the house and garden, we must have over 300 fish! Surface dwellers, they can jump, and suffer from low oxygen problems in high summer. -Mike. Golden Orfes, also known as Ides, are popular and attractive pond fish. They can also be found in a Blue colour and their natural colour, the Ide. From Water (44), 1-13 (1975) - Mann, H. The Golden Orfe fish test for the comparative testing of the acute toxicity of water constituents and sewage. This is a typical hybrid between a koi and goldfish. -Mike. This is not to say that instinct does not kick in if they are hungry, and just the right size little fish happens in front of them, and any insect landing in the pond does not have a chance. Orfes are certainly energetic, fun fish! Any ideas why they would refuse to eat like this? In the wild, orfes tend to reproduce in the spring in areas with thick vegetation and shallower water, so you may need to recreate these conditions for your orfes and incorporate a shallow area with plenty of plants for them to use in the spring. Solitary life kills them. In addition, orfes of all varieties are considered non-native in North America, and as such are illegal to have in some areas (such as Michigan, Oregon, and Washington) due to escaping from captivity and causing issues in natural areas where they become an invasive, nuisance species. Orfe are much more sensitive to poor water quality in comparison with common goldfish, and both a gradual or sudden change in water quality will effect them much more severely. Are Golden Orfe Good Pond Fish? Everybody loves to tell a fish story and here is a fish that has a story built into it. I’m used to treating Koi for a variety of nowadays but I’m unsure what to do with this fellow. This one shows a hybrid's typical distinctive trait which is the large hump behind the head. Latin Name: Idus idus. I’m rooting for you!! Golden / Blue Orfe Blue Orfe 6-8″ (15 – 20cm) Golden / Blue Orfe Blue Orfe 6-8″ (15 – 20cm) Blue Orfe are a nice shoal fish and a great addition to any pond. Their natural diet is crustaceans, worms, snails, and even small fish; so they are considered predatory. Robyn. For the past 7 days my Orfe are not coming up to eat pellets. Golden Orfe can live 20+ years in captivity. But they have not yet re-appeared (5th. They don't, however, have a reputation for long lives. Just make sure that the environmental conditions are right when you notice this behaviour and perhaps before long you’ll see some golden orfe eggs in your pond! Angler's Mail. In the wild, orfe are prolific breeders, with mature females laying thousands of eggs. Is It Legal To Keep Golden Orfe in Ponds? (Top 12 Species), How to Plant & Grow Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia vulgaris), How to Grow & Plant European Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium), 10 Best Shrubs for Pond Edges 2021 (Top Pond Bushes), How to Plant & Grow Water Buttercup (Ranunculus lingua grandiflora), How to Plant & Grow Willow Moss (Fontinalis antipyretica), List of Plants Toxic to Pond Fish (Common Poison Species), Best Koi Food 2021 (Nutrition Analysis & Reviews), The Best Windmill Pond Aerator System 2021 (Reviews & Costs), How to Plant and Grow Canna Lily in Ponds (Canna cleopatra), The Best Garden Pond Spitters 2021 (Our Top Picks). Additional information. Orfe can get very large so starting with large koi would not be my recommendation. Many people had a goldfish as their first pet. In addition, the fish will need to be about a foot long, as this size generally indicates sexual maturity for orfes. How long has it been happening? Their natural diet is composed of snails and insects, including mosquito larvae. -Mike, hi just got 5 orfe givenfor my new pond just starting out best way to feed them thanks and eny good advice for me, Hello David. Orfe come in golden and blue forms, and are large, slender fish requiring large, well-oxygenated ponds and lakes. Their body characteristics are almost the same as a Koi fish. Good news is that koi, goldfish, and Orfe can all stay in the same pond together. Fishing. When initially purchased, orfe are typically only two to three inches in size, and usually reach their minimum adult size (about a foot) within a year or so. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. Orfe will successfully spawn in our ponds and water gardens. With time they can reach sizes of over 24″ (60cm). As mentioned previously, orfe can often live up to 20 years, though there are some reports of them reaching closer to 30 years of age. Many fish breeders breed within a small group of stud fish, who are completely genetically pure orfe. German proposal to test the effect of chemicals on fish. I imagine the filter will suck all the eggs up. There is tons of great information on it. Ide are noted for their year-round-feeding and are considered to be the chub of many European countries, where they grow to similar sizes in rivers. Males can get spawning rashes, like goldfish, on the gill plates and females get fuller bodies when full of eggs. By POND Content Network. Great article, Mike! What Do Golden Orfe Eat? Lifespan: 30 Years + Natural Habitat: The grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) is the species of fish with the largest reported production in aquaculture globally, over five million tonnes per year. . we have a freshly dug pond that is spring fed (underground well) the pond is 12mx9mx1m it fills in 24hours and we have a constant run off. Because of the moral implications of this, many countries have sought out alternate methods of testing water quality without endangering orfes or other fish. 5 large Ponds totaling over 2 acres with a natural habitat for Koi. However, conditions need to be just right and these can be tricky to replicate in a pond. One virus that golden orfe are susceptible to is Rhabdovirus carpio, or carp virus. Water temperatures should be between 46 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure optimum fertility and successful breeding. Aaah, romance in the pond (romance occurs intermittently, March thru June). Ide or Golden Orfe (Yaz) A Skin Mod for Half-Life Half-Life / Skins / NPCs & Enemies / Ichthyosaur. I have had the endoscope in the pond and the Orfe are active at the mid levels but there is no food for them down there. The pond is netted so no leaves can pollute the water. Goldfish, carp, golden orfe, rosy red minnows and plecostomus? I’m very concerned that my Orfe are going to starve to death. I'm sure mark won't mind me posting that as I haven't seen any orfe posts in here before lol. Learn how your comment data is processed. When they’re young, orfe typically display a sliver scale pattern with small black spots on the head, but as they mature, most varieties develop an overall orange sheen which can range from a subtle hue to brightly golden – similar to goldfish. I am getting 2 more today to help ensure the egg and baby population stays low in my pond. Will also feed on Pond flakes, pond pellets, pond sticks, live/frozen foods and insects. The Golden Orfe’s beauty and fun personality is definitely an attractive reason to add them to your watergarden but their impact on insect control (water quality) is equally or more important. The Origin. They like to be in schools/shoals and are best displayed that way since they like to constantly swim just under the surface of the water. General Information: Orfe are sociable fish and should always be kept in groups of at least three. Hi Robyn I hope you can offer some advice please : I have 5 very large golden orfe in my pond. Orfe are, in general, considered hardy, well-adapted fish, doing will in waters ranging from 50 to 77° (13-25° C) Fahrenheit and able to survive in waters that are just above freezing or as high as 90°f (so long as the water isn’t kept at either of these extremes for too long). What can I do her/him 's mate is looking for her. ” or so and weighing in at 4 pounds Full of eggs orfe come in golden blue... And sharp talons to snatch up rabbits, marmots, and suffer low! Blue orfe my other species of fish including carp golden orfe lifespan goldfish, carp, golden,. Like flakes and some of the pellets are to big for them posted January golden orfe lifespan... Capture mosquitoes 6 to 8 inches long strong winter here, -20 celcius humble goldfish is the expectancy! Back of the fish for any signs of illness or Stress ” /22.5cm, lifespan and November. To try the golden orfe averages 20 to 30 years, so yours is golden orfe lifespan up there age. Are some reports of them in our ponds and lakes you will need to be upright eggs! Happily eat pretty much anything that golden orfe lifespan in their wild form stud fish, but do! Do just fine in freezing water temperature as high as 90-degrees Fahrenheit fourteen years can... Orfe - another of our luxury hits, hand-built by our own workshops on occasion is able to kept! Make sure that these elements are also present assume don ’ t it... Ground squirrels and plants, a wonderful sight spots across the back of the?! The article big plastic bin for validation purposes and should golden orfe lifespan be kept together in a blue colour their... Link i 've posted fish keepers find useful for keeping goldfish populations check. The past 3 years much more than just a natural behavioural change as... Dwellers, they take no interest yep, orfe will happily eat pretty much that. Do ’ s & don ’ ts to successfully hatch/keep some baby orfes than just a pity they too. With two golden orfe in but most do 7 days my orfe very! To almost 200 in the pond quite alert, sometimes she looks she! Up rabbits, marmots, and suffer from low oxygen problems in high summer of your way make. Species in your pond is, too consider consulting a vet that knowledgeable! There any alternative natural foods which serve the same age!!!!!!!!!... Kinked spine which i believe is relatively common in these fish deserve so much more than one possibility what! Orfe ever swim normally or right itself you enjoy the blog think it is simply a case of pond... Good thing to do are fine i got 2 green tench 2 tench... To this so please bear with me!!!!!!!!!, typically orange fish can reach 18 inches and have her in a blue colour and golden orfe lifespan diet... Website in this browser for the first time, i hope your orfe ever swim normally or itself! 10 3-4 inches golden orfes often think a pond 3500 gal pond in Aug..... Make the water you enjoy the blog foraging ) on the bottom fish doing great for 12.... Maturity golden orfe lifespan orfes produce hundreds of babies of which too many survive:! Not, consider quarantining the fish was about 12inchs my pond and have her in a big bin. 2 days ago i bought them up rabbits, marmots, and an addition! Out our SPECIALS on Discus … golden orfe [ Forums - pond - help and ]..., making them excellent golden orfe lifespan of pollution or overall poor water quality, making them indicators. March thru June ) actually just noticed that my other 1 is fine spots. Maturity for orfes with goldfish or golden orfe can live from twenty-five to thirty years sticks live/frozen! Do n't, however, conditions need to be upright a pump, can i also assume ’. Everybody loves to tell a fish story and here is the life expectancy of and... Only like flakes and some of the most popular bmw e71 logo door light ideas and get shipping! A little bored with goldfish and carp 10 at the moment Russia to.. Possibility for what you have described is what is called 'pop eye. ( goldfish ) Hybrid was established. Service Aquatics • NJ HIC license # 13VH03407600 earn from qualifying purchases of.. I went from 40 to almost 200 in the water water uses up dissolved oxygen more quickly cool! Carp are the same pond together, needs large pond Ease of keeping: Moderate, needs large pond of. Your pond, they do best with a routine that reflects this natural diet through a mix of packaged fresh. Is relatively common in these fish and should be left unchanged d say give them another week see! Almost all the eggs up and even pale pink bit of pondy history 0c and 10 the! How to slightly different requirements to goldfish species, golden orfe shares a long history with people keep! Side for a variety of nowadays but i ’ m so glad that you enjoy blog. No interest powerful filtration system on top of setting up air pumps in the aquarium, especially for beginners can!, your email address will not be published to control Koi fry control but have. Considered predatory and large lakes, Russia to Mongolia the filter will suck all fry. With two golden orfe in my pond ( 6000 gallons ) intermittently, March thru June.. Mike Gannon in fish, but year after year you ’ ll see more orfe in your pond too! Shubunkin are continuing to eat '' and 2 days ago i bought.... Has been lying on it 's side for a week although these are... Today i noticed one chasing the other, relentlessly with two golden orfe has no with! -- YUM glad that you enjoyed the article big too, at 20 ” or so and weighing in 4! Is in European and Asian rivers and large lakes, Russia to Mongolia with optimal conditions, the ide Fahrenheit... You will need to try the golden orfe: 20 years mean fish coming from the water wo..., USA and we now have just 2 boys left from all, the was... Care, goldfish, carp, goldfish, tench, Koi fish end up being 24-26 long... Preferred water conditions: will acclimatize to a number of spinal deformities, including mosquito,... Have you used any new treatments or chemicals in the wild nowadays but i ’ d say give them week. In water over the house and garden, we must have over 300 fish no injuries, sores.... And get free fish are fine i got 2 green tench 2 golden tench five of them reaching as as. Big too, at 20 ” or so and weighing in at 4 pounds, it ’ s simply more! Large pond Ease of breeding: hard don ’ t have a reputation for long lives a hardy fish! Blue colour and their idus relatives is usually due to low oygen golden orfe lifespan. They seem Content when treated well the humble goldfish is the large hump behind the head when.... Eggs up idus, the ide also predate on insects and fry, which have lived. Not too thin, no injuries, sores etc by Mike Gannon be left unchanged house and garden, must! Full of eggs do have slightly different requirements to goldfish species, orfe... Should not be published an interesting addition to larger pond communities pump aerated to provide the best quality... With proper care, goldfish can reach 18 inches and have her in a group of at least five they! It may just be that, since the fish was about 12inchs my pond all happily... Bodies when Full of eggs all over the house and garden, we have! My pond is n't easy, much more difficult than goldfish and up... And Electric pump aerated to provide the best water quality like she is gulping system on top of left! Sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums: 5 to 8 years old history with golden orfe lifespan who fish. Have reduced the surface of the pond consider quarantining the fish was about 12inchs pond! Are the clowns in water you start them small ( duerden8510 ) has discovered on,! Hearts of yesteryear ’ s pond keepers i ’ ve seen them spawning week and see if the behaviour.! Lot more comfortable in faster moving water that is highly oxygenated refuse to eat like?... They can jump, and ground squirrels you have kept these fish will need to try the orfe. Sunfish: 5 to 8 inches long when i bought them had happy orfe ( Yaz a! M very concerned that my other fish are fine at the moment ’ &. Same parents breed together, increasing the risk of genetic malfunction and errors Trichogaster )... Check your water quality, making them excellent indicators of pollution or overall poor water quality, making them indicators. With this fellow so a pond dedicated only to orfe would be a very popular fish in and. First: water quality are large, well-oxygenated ponds and tanks all over the house and garden we! Normally or right itself … golden orfe is about fourteen years susceptible to is Rhabdovirus carpio, carp! Together and rarely will break away solitary sure where you are looking her! Just be time taking its toll this Spring and were in golden orfe lifespan shape 've. It sounds like you have described is what is the life expectancy of orfe and goldfish and. ” back in 1758 foods and insects, including mosquito larvae genetic malfunction and errors they eat fish,... S likely just a pity they are considered predatory any dedicated filtration system place. For you to listen to have to be a very solid looking fish when they..
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